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ECOOP 2016
Sun 17 - Fri 22 July 2016 Rome, Italy
Wed 20 Jul 2016 15:30 - 15:55 at Auditorium Loyola - Session 3 Chair(s): Colin Gordon
While DataBase Management Systems (DBMSs) are highly optimized, interactions across the Programming Language (PL) / DBMS boundary are costly, even for in-process embedded DBMSs. In this paper we show that programs that interact with the widely-used embedded DBMS SQLite can be significantly optimized – by a factor of 3.4 in our benchmarks – by inlining across the PL / DBMS boundary. We achieved this speed-up by replacing parts of SQLite's C interpreter with RPython code and composing the resulting meta-tracing VM – called SQPyte – with the PyPy VM. SQPyte does not compromise stand-alone SQL performance: it is 2.2% faster than SQLite on the widely used TPC-H benchmark suite.

Wed 20 Jul

15:30 - 16:45: Research Track - Session 3 at Auditorium Loyola
Chair(s): Colin GordonDrexel University
ecoop-2016-papers15:30 - 15:55
Carl Friedrich Bolz-TereickKing's College London , Darya MelicherCarnegie Mellon University, Laurence TrattKing's College London
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ecoop-2016-papers15:55 - 16:20
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ecoop-2016-papers16:20 - 16:45
Janwillem SwalensVrije Universiteit Brussel, Joeri De KosterVrije Universiteit Brussel, Wolfgang De MeuterVrije Universiteit Brussel
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