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ECOOP 2016
Sun 17 - Fri 22 July 2016 Rome, Italy

The ECOOP 2016 Poster Session is an excellent opportunity for authors to present their recent or ongoing work through informal interactions. Posters can be independent presentations or associated with work to be presented at ECOOP or a co-located event. We also offer authors the opportunity to present demos using their laptops.

Students attending ECOOP are strongly encouraged to participate, as it would allow them to present themselves and their work to the community and receive feedback in return in an interactive, laid-back setting.

Posters will be presented during a poster session on the evening of Tuesday, July 19.

Distinguished Poster Awards will be announced on Wednesday, July 20 at 11:45.

Accepted Posters


Call for Posters

Independent Posters

We encourage submissions embracing a broad range of topics related to object orientation, which:

  • identify new research problems, and propose possible approaches to solve them
  • present work not yet ready for submission to conferences and journal in its current form
  • describe software artifacts and tools developed by the authors and accessible to the community

We ask interested authors to submit a poster abstract of up to one page of text describing the work. Submitted abstracts will be reviewed based on originality and quality. Poster sizes of up to A0 format will be accepted.

Poster abstracts should be maximum of one page of text describing the work. Submitted abstracts will be reviewed based on originality and quality. Abstracts can be submitted either by May 25, with notification on May 26, or by June 12, with notification on June 13 (so that authors that haven’t registered to ECOOP yet can still benefit from the early registration rates).

Abstracts should be sent through the following submission form.

Posters Associated with Other Events

Authors of accepted papers and artifacts to ECOOP and co-located events are invited to present a poster in the hope that this will further increase the visibility of their work and spark interesting one-on-one conversations. The Posters Committee will not review the submissions, as they illustrate work that has been thoroughly scrutinized by other committees. We still require authors to express their interest in participating to the session by filling a form, so that we can provide for poster boards and other supplies.