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ECOOP 2016
Sun 17 - Fri 22 July 2016 Rome, Italy
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Approaching ECOOP (by Ming-Ho Yee)

Author: Emilio Coppa

… to all the great sessions and meeting with people from all over the world. I also … of content, so my only worry is being able to take everything in!

See you all

Approaching ECOOP (by Davide Spallaccini)

Author: Emilio Coppa

… to this event. As ‘locals’, we will be very happy to welcome you all.

I expect to learn as much as possible given my current skills, but first of all I’d like …

Approaching ECOOP (by Anthony Canino)

Author: Emilio Coppa

… into the field. All in all, I can’t wait to attend the conference. …

Approaching ECOOP (by Lisa Nguyen)

Author: Emilio Coppa

… Hi all,

I am Lisa Nguyen and I study static analysis in Prof. Bodden’s group at Paderborn University.

This year will be my first time attending an ECOOP conference. I am especially interested in the IceDust, Staccato and Boomerang …

Approaching ECOOP (by ‎James Decker‎)

Author: Emilio Coppa

… as to see the creative solutions they envision.

See you all there! …

Approaching ECOOP (by Andrea Mastropietro)

Author: Emilio Coppa

… the opportunity to meet the best researchers from all over the world and attend …

My Week in Rome (by Felipe Bañados Schwerter)

Author: Emilio Coppa

… , and researchers from around the globe.

Of all the amazing events of the week, I … Garcia), and the topics were all close to my research, so it made for a great start … in Programming Style". I also enjoyed all of the keynotes, especially Dave Herman’s …

Post-ECOOP (by Ming-Ho Yee)

Author: Emilio Coppa

… the conference possible and everything run smoothly. Thank you to all the organizers …

Post-ECOOP (by Chenglong Wang)

Author: Emilio Coppa

… and synthesize programs. These talks are all very insightful and presented a review … for giving me the chance to hang around with all these great folks in PL research …

Approaching ECOOP (by Felipe Bañados Schwerter)

Author: Emilio Coppa

… supervisors to people at PLMW workshops… They have all been always very helpful. …

Post-ECOOP (by William J. Bowman)

Author: Emilio Coppa

… , etc. Java has Eclipse. Coq has OCaml plugins. All of these languages require …

Oh! Rome! I start with you (by Jibesh Patra)

Author: Emilio Coppa

… other researchers, students and share ideas, make new friends and above all, have …

ECOOP Retrospective (by Titus Barik)

Author: Emilio Coppa

… area of Computer Science.

As a first-timer to ECOOP, I expected all

Thoughts before Curry On talk (by Frank Wang)

Author: Emilio Coppa

… . Ultimately, we are all on the same team!

Originally posted at https …