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ECOOP 2016
Sun 17 - Fri 22 July 2016 Rome, Italy

JGS-check is the accompanying artifact to “LJGS: Gradual Security Types for Object-Oriented Languages”. LJGS is a Java-like language with gradual security typing. It features a constraint based information flow type system that includes a type dynamic and type casts. Dynamically typed fragments are liberally accepted by the type checker and rely on run-time enforcement for security.

JGS-check is a type checker for the subset of Java that corresponds to the calculus presented in the paper and that implements the constraint generation and satisfiability checks of LJGS’ type system. It’s purpose is to illustrate and substantiate the behavior of our gradual security type system. It takes a directory of Java source code as input and reports methods that violate the typing rules. JGS-check is merely a type checker and does not implement code generation.

The submission archive includes the compiled type checker, the code of the example section (Section 2) as well additional examples and testcases that did not fit into the paper. The user should also be able to check custom code as long as it corresponds the subset of Java that is covered by LJGS.