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ECOOP 2016
Sun 17 - Fri 22 July 2016 Rome, Italy

Post-ECOOP (by Chenglong Wang)Wed 10 Aug 2016

What a great conference! My trip to the conference is indeed an amazing experience to me - I got chances to talk to great researchers in the field and also able to make friends with a lot of students attending the conference.

The first great parts of the conference are the keynotes: Mark gave a great talk on research on capabilities, James presented his research career in encapsulation of objects, and Emina talked about how to use constraint solvers to verify, debug and synthesize programs. These talks are all very insightful and presented a review of programming language research in the past and throws new questions for future research directions.

As the heart of ECOOP conference, the conference talks are also very exciting. Research topics this year ranges over 1) application topics like how to speed up SQL query execution via code generation, 2) usability topics like how to perform relational queries using OO language, and how to generate streaming APIs from API libraries and 3) theoretical problems like on demand program analysis. These talks presented the state of art programming language research and greatly expand of horizon on research ideas.

Furthermore, I got many suggestions from great researchers after presenting our work on program transformation, these suggestions gave me ideas about how to improve my presentation content and what we can probably explore in future research.

Thanks ECOOP for giving me the chance to hang around with all these great folks in PL research community, and I confidently say that ECOOP is a great and successful conference based on how much I have learnt from different people in the conference. :-)