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ECOOP 2016
Sun 17 - Fri 22 July 2016 Rome, Italy

Post-ECOOP (by Benjamin Greenman)Wed 10 Aug 2016

ECOOP was a great experience. Thank you organizers for hiring so many volunteers!

The summer school this year was very rewarding, especially the breakfast program. It was hard to wake up in time, but very worthwhile. And the summer school talks were great too, especially Jan’s opening remarks (set a nice tone for the week) and Shriram’s whirlwind tour of his Javascript research.

My favorite parts of CurryOn were Peter O’Hearn’s on working static analysis into a startup-speed workflow and Matthias Felleisen & Dave Herman’s keynotes on lessons from Racket & Rust, resp. At the time these were very fun to listen to and informative. But then, two days later sitting in a slow-moving research talk about something I didn’t find very practical, “it” hit me. The (my) lesson for ECOOP 2016. That there are many avenues for research that may be beautiful for themselves, but at ECOOP and especially through the summer school I am exposed to a shining and slowly-growing group of professionals who work first on useful things and then generalize to find the beauty underneath that is the source of the usefulness. And I am very thankful that these professionals think enough of me and the other volunteers to help bring us out to the conference. Thank you, community.