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ECOOP 2016
Sun 17 - Fri 22 July 2016 Rome, Italy

Approaching ECOOP (by Chenglong Wang)Thu 14 Jul 2016

Hi, every one! I’m Chenglong Wang from University of Washington, and I’m a graduate student working on program synthesis with my advisors Alvin Cheung and Ras Bodik. Our recent research project is SQL query synthesis from input-output examples: users specify their desired queries using input-output examples, and our system learns from the examples a query to return to users.

Previously, I was an undergraduate student Peking University (China), and I worked on a project of API adaptation with my previous advisors Yingfei Xiong and Zhenjiang Hu. We designed a transformation language named Patl to support easier program transformation between APIs.

I’m very excited to attend the ECOOP conference this year, and I would like to share with the community about our progress on API adaptation. One the one hand, I’m expecting to learn more about how programming languages techniques can be better used to support tasks in other domains, e.g. systems and software developments. On ther other hand, I would like to learn from the community about how we can further improve our existing project to make it more practical. The chance of being able to meet great researchers in the community and attend fantastic talks in the conference is so exciting to me.

See you in ECOOP!